May 24, 2017 EH Webmaster

We’re working on an interpretive project that will showcase the Japanese of Gilroy Yamato Hot Springs Who were they? Why did they come to GYHS? What did they do for GYHS? Among the people are H.K. Sakata, S Enomoto, Nagao Sakurai, Fujio “Fred” Matsuyama, Captain Masuo Kitaji, Henry Kato, K. Yamada, and the Flower Growers…

May 20, 2017 AdminEH

May 20th 2017 9 am to 4:30 pm Learn about women who visited or worked here. Enjoy docent and staff tours, displays, activities for the family, entertainment. Bring your friends! Bring a picnic & friends (pack-in/pack-out); parking on site. Cost for the event is $15.00 per person / under 12 free with adult For reservations…

April 22, 2017 EH Webmaster

We cleared weeds on the roadway and tour path in preparation for the annual events. We also removed dirt besides the Ladies’ Bath to deter further deterioration to the building. A limited number of volunteers were allowed (10 new, plus the veteran GYHS team), and we’re looking forward to more opportunities to work with these…

March 26, 2017 EH Webmaster

Avixi donates fall arrest lanyards and harnesses to the restoration team Marie Hunter, founder and CEO of Avixi, had this to share along with her company’s gift: Donating this safety equipment to the restoration team is the least we could to keep these very dedicated volunteers safe.

February 19, 2017 EH Webmaster

The roadway has continued to slip away making it impassable and will take significant work to repair. County road crew worked between storms to fill the 9-foot drop to road level again. The subsequent storm loosened the underholding and the road slipped another two-three feet.

August 20, 2016 EH Webmaster

Historicorps welcomes 9 volunteers for each of 3 weeks of construction work at GYHS. They are putting roofs on the PA and OH cabins. Their work days are 8-5, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, water, and snacks. Volunteers may camp on site.