We're looking forward to more opportunities to work with these fine individuals who share the passion for protecting and helping sustain our State parks!


Volunteer Work Days!

The preservation contractor and volunteers are working some days of the week. You are welcome to join them but you need to let us know you are coming.

Contractor supervised work is related to the building restorations - removing dirt from beside the exterior walls, some roofing, some building preparation. Gloves, shovels, hoes, goggles, dust masks are handy, if you have them. Bring picnic lunch and drinking water. We let you park inside the gate when you volunteer.

Other work is limited to general road clearance of overgrowth, and may include undergrowth control, or minor repair.
Registration required. Bring work gloves and gardening tools, picnic lunch, and drinking water.

A work party is needed to paint out the graffiti under the Coyote Creek Bridge. Can you help?

You must let us know before you can join us for volunteer work.

Note: Sheriff tickets cars parked outside the gate, and Rangers cite trespassers who go pass the gate without permission. If we don't have your name on our list, you're a trespasser.



Find out more at their website, Park Champions
To Register for future events state-wide, please go to their website: